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                          Michael Stein


Michael's teacher-training program changed my life! I took the yoga-teacher training at Ashtanga Yoga of New Paltz thinking I'd improve my yoga practice, make yoga a bigger part of my life, and maybe, just maybe, teach if I could ever work up the nerve. Less than two years later, I find myself filling my schedule with yoga-teaching gigs, engrossing myself in all things Ashtanga/Vinyasa and even opening up my own studio.

Michael's thoughtful, thorough teaching, with his emphasis on anatomy, hands-on adjustments & asana sequencing, prepared me well. The training was nicely balanced between handouts, lectures, discussions, workshops and instruction practice. I feel thankful every day--for yoga, for Michael's instruction and for my own motivation to see the training through.

Leigha Butler 2009-2010


I am so grateful that I stumbled upon Ashtanga Yoga of New Paltz while I was visiting family in NY. I took one class with Michael Stein and knew instantly he was the person I wanted to study with. I'm continuously impressed by his knowledge and even more by his enthusiasm and willingness to share it. He is a teacher who knows not only how to teach, but how to teach teachers. I walked out of training feeling proud about the information I absorbed and the discipline of practice I attained. I highly recommend attending the teacher training workshop at Ashtanga Yoga of New Paltz. Whether you are planning on teaching or you just want to further understand your practice, this program is an investment worth making.


Caitlyn Herzlinger Summer 2013
Certified Yoga Instructor
Owner of Summer Moon Yoga
Macomb, Illinois



The Yoga Teacher Training at Ashtanga of New Paltz was perfect for my schedule and learning focus. As someone with a full-time job, having a teacher training class on Sunday afternoon was great. It made the learning process more manageable and gave me able time to study, reflect, and practice during the week.

Michael's teacher training has a strong focus on anatomy and that aligned well with my desire to use yoga as a therapeutic medium for those new to yoga, recovering from injuries, or with a lower level of fitness. We received a great amount of information about common injuries and physical limitations and how to modify postures to accommodate them. We also received instruction in performing adjustments and how to approach students recovering from an injury or with limited flexibility. I feel much more confident now that I can help my students to feel better and improve their health instead of inadvertently harming them further.

I have just begun teaching but already I am putting what I learned in training into good use. There is nothing more satisfying that modifying a posture for a student who is struggling and seeing how a subtle shift can cause them to relax and enjoy the practice of yoga. I'm incredibly satisfied with my teacher training experience and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to become a teacher or increase their knowledge about yoga anatomy.

Laura Z 2010-2011 ​


I have been a student at Ashtanga Yoga of New Paltz for the past 5 years. When I felt ready to take my practice to a new level, it made perfect sense to take a teacher training at the studio I felt the most comfortable going to as a student.
The certification course taught me so much more about anatomy, philosophy and alignment than I knew before. The amount of students in the class made it possible to personalize the certification and feel very comfortable due to the individualized focus within the group. I feel amazingly excelled in my practice and am very comfortable beginning a new level of practice, which I can absolutely thank my training for. ​
I would recommend a teacher training certification at Ashtanga wholeheartedly to anyone who is looking to find a new advancement in their practice and their ability to guide others towards a path in yoga.
​Thank you!

Elizabeth Gross Summer 2011 ​

​I came to Michael Stein's studio having a daily practice for many years, including a daily meditation practice and reading of philosophical texts. I have had some great teachers, and learned so much from each one. But Michael Stein has been the most important teacher for me. I had been thinking about taking a yoga teacher training for a long time, and for one reason or another, I kept putting it off. Finally, in the summer of 2012, coinciding with a huge shift in my work routine, I enrolled and completed Michael's training. He has a great grasp of anatomy and how each asana relates to the skeletal and muscular systems, and understands and conveys to us as students in his training, the best ways to guide and adjust students so they can benefit from the therapy of the asana no matter what level of practice. He does it with a very welcoming and gentle manner, but with great authority. In matters pertaining to the vast study of yoga philosophy, if a question is presented to him he will always preface his answers by saying, "this is my take on that question...", leaving you open to find your way, and always careful not to force his way of thinking on any one else. He is deeply committed to his family, and that commitment shapes his life, and involves everyone around him in his good will.  His strong discipline is contagious but lighthearted as he maneuvers through the obstacle course of life in the 21st century.
Taking his teacher training has changed my life. I literally wake up daily with a new, optimistic perspective, looking forward to the day. Michael has played a big part in that change of outlook.

Michael Gould



​I had been practicing yoga for several years prior to finding Micheal's classes in New Paltz.
After only one class I knew that I had found a teacher that would support me in deepening my practice in a profound way. Not only is Michael an inspiration in the practice of Hatha yoga, he is an inspiration in yoga as a lifestyle. My practice of hatha yoga grew greatly in taking classes with him and later in participating in the teacher's training. More importantly I began to really make the connection between this and the choices I had in living a yogic lifestyle. I continue to grow and learn in this endeavor to close the gap and Ashtanga of New Paltz has remained my home base for this.


Lisa Watkins, mom, social worker, yoga teacher

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