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Eating for the Environment


Eating for the Environment...& Yourself  is now on sale at in a Kindle Edition click here or click on the book cover image above to buy this e-Book.

Book Description:

Publication Date: November 15, 2013
How small changes to our diets can have a huge impact on the planet,
and our health.

Having owned and managed Lucky's Juice Joint in Soho N.Y. for ten years, Michael Stein became fascinated with how bringing a greater variety of fresh foods into our diets can immediately give us more energy while also lowering our Eco-footprint.
Over the past fifteen years he has led twelve Yoga teacher training programs in New Paltz, N.Y. and sponsored free local lectures that show the relationship between food, energy sources, and the environment.


Without judgment of any specific diet, this book endeavors to help each person find a balance between eating healthy, delicious food, while also giving back to the same farmers and earth that gave us this gift. 

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