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Welcome to my website!

I’ve loved history all my life, and I hope to share that love with you. Too often we grow up thinking history is boring, dull, nothing but flat lists of dates and places. In my books I hope to show the life, the laughter, and the humanity that runsthrough our common past. Whether writing about World War I France or post-World War II London, ancient Rome or Renaissance Italy, I bring you history with an irreverent twist: stories to make you laugh, cry, then laugh some more.


On my site you’ll find…

  • Information on my novels – including audio and text excerpts – movie versions and links to publishersworldwide.

  • My biography, also available in PDF format in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

  • Questions you have asked, letters you have written to me over the years, and (whoops!) errors in my novels.

  • Links to follow me on TwitterFacebook and YouTube

  • Masterclass: advice and tips on how to plan and write a novel – and how to find a publisher

  • The Art of Suspense – a talk on the history of the thriller

  • Information about my archives, held at the Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan, United States

  • My music, information and artwork for the media, and more…


Dear Reader,

First of all...thank you for reading the book. And Second...thank you for actually taking the time to follow the link. Here we are. I tried to compile the most interesting Book-Related stuff here and on my new timeline: more photos, links to videos and things I talk about in the book, links to relevant ol' blogs (like poem-gate, and the kickstarter stuff, and my blog about getting married to Neil....).

And most important....the music.

The Art Of Asking was hard for me to write for lots of reasons, but one of them hinged around the idea that I was going to get lost as a musician and lose my songwriting identity.

As it happened - I barely wrote any songs (and wrote very few blogs) while I was working on the book....I'm just getting back to it now. But it's my dream that if you read the book, you'll care about the music that made the whole story possible, so I worked really hard to make THIS part of my website an introduction to the uninitiated.

I've been recording music for over twenty years, when I started four-tracking in my bedroom. There's a lot to sift through. I tried to make it easy.

Welcome, friends.

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